Sunday, May 16, 2010

Days 9-13 in an African nutshell

We've had a very busy week this week. It's hard to believe that I've crested the hill of my African adventure and it's downhill from here. A few highlights:
1. Meeting with Ibrahima Thiaw--the head Conserviteur of the IFAN Museum here in Dakar. He was able to help us with research and connected us with the head of the National Archives.
2. Goree round 2: I love that Island. If I were a better fisherwoman I would live there. Since you've had luck in that department Liney, I think you ought to seriously consider it! Madame Crespin's home was a piece of heaven--right on the ocean--absolutely beautiful!
3. Visiting with the authoress Aminata Sow Fall: Remarkable woman and pioneer of women rights and education in Senegal and Saint Louis.
4. Dinner with Charles Becker renowned historian and scholar--some of the best french ragout I've ever tasted, and fresh bananas from his garden for dessert.
5. Playing with the kids at the fishing village near Soumbedioune...Have I mentioned that I want one :)?

Africa is becoming so much a part of me now, I really don't want to think about leaving. I even consulted Mr. Becker about pursuing doctoral studies in African Art at the University in Fann. Unfortunately, he discouraged me...not the best learning environment apparently. I am resolved to find a way back here in the future, and enjoy the last two weeks ahead.

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  1. Oh my goodness are you having the experience of a lifetime! You will be forever changed for the better!
    I went to BYU and put in a shelf search at the library a couple of days ago for those books. They will get back to us. Love you. xoxo