Sunday, May 30, 2010

Days 27-30 in Africa

What a journey this has been! My heart will always be in two places. I have learned and grown so much. I will miss Senegal--the warmth and kindness so many have shown us. It has become another home to me, and I look forward to a time when I can come back.

These past few days have been as busy as ever, as we've been trying to squeeze in interviews and research while packing up and preparing for our departure.
Aminata Sow Fall has been so kind in helping us. Time and again she has included us in her very busy schedule, and this week arranged an appointment with a wonderful older Senegalese woman who provided us with excellent information on the traditional jewelry and style of Senegal.

We were also fortunate to meet with the U.S. Ambassador again and discuss the project and some technicalities with temp. work visas for goldsmiths who may come out to D.C. and demonstrate traditional jewelry making techniques as part of the exhibition.

We picked up all of the jewelry that Dr. Johnson ordered for the exhibition this week, and one of our bijoutiers very kindly gave me a beautiful gold filigram bracelet as a gift and souvenir from Senegal. I promised Dr. Johnson I would lend it to the collection for the exhibit.

I purchased some incense from Sandaga market to help me remember the smell of Senegal, and bought an adorable little taxi-bus toy car for my new nephew Truman. Now all that remains is finding space for all of our purchases and praying that customs lets us through with it all!

Goodbye Africa! A la prochaine!

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